Here some of my experiences with WP plugins and configuration.

Content Views Pro

Multilingual events and Content Views Pro to the rescue?

Getting events translated and also showing past events in a list is not an easy task! Maybe CVP will help me out with this? ... Lees meer
Hoe koppel je een zoekwoord(groep) optimaal aan je pagina?

Integrate the Google Search Console in WordPress with Bavoko tools

How to really work on SEO in WordPress ... no, not just choose keywords for posts and optimize its content ... really see what the results are with Google Search Console data, right in WordPress ... Lees meer
Complete WordPress Image SEO

Complete WordPress Image SEO

Image SEO in WordPress? Just make your files as tiny as possible and give hem appropriate names with 2 awesome plugins ... Lees meer
Is de keuze van de software belangrijk voor u als je een website wil laten bouwen?

How do I work with WordPress

WordPress is powerful in many ways but here I tell you about it's power from my technical point of view and how I work with WP after some years of experimenting ... Lees meer
How I speed up my WordPress sites

How I speed up my WordPress sites

Host at Flywheel and install some extra free WordPress plugins! I list them right here ... Lees meer