Hoe koppel je een zoekwoord(groep) optimaal aan je pagina?

How to really work on SEO in WordPress ... no, not just choose keywords for posts and optimize its content ... really see what the results are with Google Search Console data, right in WordPress.

Really excited to implement this new WordPress SEO plugin, Bavoko tools! Why? Because it’s the first SEO plugin for WordPress that integrates Google Search Console data, the most valuable SEO data there is. Here I will tell you all about my findings but first I need to migrate from Yoast, the SEO plugin I am using now …

First hurdle …

How to implement breadcrumbs because that is not a feature of Bavoko tools?

So, looking for a good alternative … and even a better one because it implements schema.org data and Yoast doesn’t, is Breadcrumb NavXT. It’s implemented as a WordPress widget and since I use Beaver Builder Themer it is a brease to add it to my theme without any coding. Had to buy an extra plugin though,  … because Yoast did something else too and I wasn’t really aware of it since I only add posts recently to multiple categories. You can define a primary category because what breadcrumb to display if the post belongs to more than one category. NavXT Paths does the trick and real soon this feature will also be available in Bavoko.

First hurdle passed, second one …

How to best redirect attachment URLs to the attachments itself because that is not a feature of Bavoko tools?

This brings me to some interesting googling … what about Clearfy? But I also asked this question to the Bavoko people and well it’s already a feature of Bavoko now! 🙂

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