How to rebuild an existing WordPress site?

Nowedays most hosts profide functionality to clone or copy an existing site like on the Cloudways or Flywheel platforms. But sometimes it’s good to leave all the bloat behind and start fresh …

  • If you have your categories structured in a tree, export then with WP Export Categories & Taxonomies plugin. It seems not so maintained anymore but still does the job fine in 2020. Check the ratings … users report there if it still works.
  • To copy images, copy the uploads folder from the original site to the new one. After the copy, your images will not be known yet by the Media library. Use the Bulk Media Register plugin to add them as media files in the database.
    • If your sites are on different servers and you have a lot of images this will take a while. Maybe you can migrate your existing site to the new platform first so it’s just a copy on the same server.
    • If you have svg files first install the SVG Support plugin.
    • Check if your images need to be bulk optimized.
  • Import your theme customizer settings.
  • Import your reusable blocks.
  • Import all your posts and pages to your new install.

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